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Get Your Android Notification Sent Directly To Your PC


Get Your Android Notification Sent Directly To Your PC

Most people now a days like to send their computer’s notification directly to their Android. That is because mobile has taken over this world, but if you are an office guy or someone who spends a wholelot of time in front of the PC, it might be a good decision to send your Android notifications directly to your PC.

1. The fastest way to do this is by using an Android app and a PC software. Both are simple to install. The first one is DeskNotifier app which you can get directly from the Google Play Store for free. The second piece of software you need is the PC application. The name of the software is the same as the one you downloaded on your Android phone.

2. Once the app is on, a popup will ask you about permissions and accessibility. Make sure you turn on DeskNotifier is your application settings. The same thing will happen when you first open up the software on your PC. These settings are usually based on your preferred language and how the software starts up etc.


3. Each time you turn the software on, you are requested to enter either the Android IP address or if you are charging your phone through USB on the PC, the software should automatically connect to your Android. If you are looking for your Android’s IP, the IP is located inside the DeskNotifiers main screen.

4. What’s cool about this app is that you can reply directly back to your friend’s text on your computer. Once you received the notification that you got a new text message, you can reply to them directly inside the software. You could also create a new message by going to the New Message tray area. Pretty awesome right? Now you can get Android notification on your desktop even when you are stuck in the office at work.

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