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Save All Your Websites With Pocket App


Save All Your Websites With Pocket App

Pocket allows you to save web pages directly from your browser and social media apps. You could even save news from Flipboard and Pulse. Pretty amazong. Once you hvae saved the webpages to Pocket, you can view a list of content from any phone tablet or computer. This works for both Android systems and iOs systems. You could use this app while you are on the plane or waiting for the bus. This is similar to the Instapage app. Next time you have a favorite article and want to read it later during your travels. You can use Pocket!

Steps To Getting Pocket Running

1. The first thing you need to do is set up a Pocket Account. You can do this through the app. Install the app from your app store or google play store and click the Signup button. The sign up page is straight forward. You basically enter your username and other informations. Afterwards you will need to login with that username and password.

pocket login


2. While your finishing that up you should set up pocket on your computer so that you can save webpages directly from the web. You can do this by going to and click on the Sign Up Now button. Same as before, choose your username, password, email and other required information.

3. Now we could start saving our awesome webpages. To save a webpage to Pocket, open up your browser and navigate to the page that you want to save. Tap the button that says Share and then click on the Pockets icon (save to pocket). You could do the same thing with your phone. Locate a share icon on the page and click save to Pocket.

share with pocket

4. After you have at least one article saved to the app, it is now time to explore and have some fun. Some options include the filter option that allows you to only see certain types of post such as Articles, Videos, or images. After your done reading the articles you can achieve it by tapping the tick button at the top-left of the page. The rest of it is pretty straight forward.



How Does it Sync?

Each time you add an article, video or image to the app it is automatically downloaded to your Android and iPhone. This does consume some energy on your phone, but it is all worthit. Alternatively you could configure the sync on your phone to hourly, once or twice a day, or whenever you want by fiddling around with the options. You could also set the app to only download from Wifi which will help you save on your data plan.

Hope you enjoy these Android and Iphone Tricks and Tips

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